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Madex Trading

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Your trade partner in business


We at Madex Trading are an export company who trades in several products as Naturalstone, Ceramic Tiles, Textile and Furniture.


We are specialized in trading products from Türkiye, where we have built up a large network over the years in various sectors, so that we can easily respond to the demand for certain products from our customers.


Madex Trading is more than just a global business partner; we are operational experts; we are problem solvers with an infrastructure that helps simplify our partners' operations.





To present the global innovations and trends related to trading products with its noticeable perception to the clients. To reach the customers with high efficiency through its well-organized network system and sales organization.




We want to be the first choice when it comes to our customers and be a leading and competitive export company delivering high value by being a preferred citizen, preferred employer, preferred supplier selling preferred products.




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